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This is a local charity known as DPAG and was set up 27 years ago by Churches Together in Dorchester at a time when most people had no idea that there was real poverty in this apparently prosperous area. For those suffering such hidden financial hardship, isolation creates an added burden.

DPAG seeks out causes of poverty and ways to tackle them. It makes grants of up to £200 on request from a care agency (including health visitors, social workers, church leaders, tenancy support, CAB) to those in urgent need. Money given to this charity goes entirely to local people.


1) To gather information on poverty and disseminate this to the local community.

2) To campaign when that might be effective.

3) To run a fund to help people directly when they are in a financial crisis.

4) To set up projects that tackle specific aspects of local poverty


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e-mail for all enquiries: info@dpag.org.uk

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